Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Remixed Arabic :)

Our little kitty cats Faris and Fiza are almost 5 yrs old. They have been learning Arabic for the past 3-4- months now….. they have learnt to read the alphabets and the basic zabar zers…..
While Faris is a very keen to learn child, Fiza doesn’t really enjoy studying…..
Faris sits thru the entire Arabic class (we call a Maulvi home to teach them) and diligently learns everything that is taught….. while Fiza runs away from the table around a hundred times….
Same goes with their school classes as well as their tuition … they both do their work but Faris is actually interested in doing it whereas Fiza is clearly a rebel (and not just with her lessons)…..
We actually got a proof of Faris’s desire to learn when one day Aapa told me that Faris has learnt to ‘write’ aleef bey teh…. I was like ‘Wat rubbish!!!’
I took yearrrrrsssss to write the urdu alphabets (i.e. learnt on my own…without classes---- we were only taught to read in the maktab… not to write….) and I still cant write any urdu word other than my own name….
And here there was this 5 saal ka bacha writing the alphabets !!!
We got a little demo of how he writes on the blackboard at home…. And awwwwww!!! That was the cutest thing on this planet… :) :)

Just look at it…..
Baba has written quite well for a 5 yr old kid who has learnt the alphabets for only 3 months…without ever being taught to write… that means he has learnt it all only by observing…..

Which dumbass says that Arabic cannot be written from the left???? Look!!! There my baby has written it from the left side… :) :) :)
It’s actually a remixed version of the alphabets….
It begins from the wrong side….
Is written in a very…well…. Stylized way ;p
And just like all remixes have English words…. You see my baby has replaced the ‘re’ with an English ‘R’ :p :p :p :p
And after ‘seen’…. He has blended trance music into it…. Nothing is clear…. :p :p

Now isn’t that a smart little DJ Faris ??
;) ;) ;)

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Interesting post. Mermaid sahiba :)