Sunday, September 1, 2013


Some Random facts or confessions about myself........(I too am confused)
I’ve seen so many blogs in which I’ve come across random facts about different people. So I thought of doing one for myself. I recommend each one of to do this little exercise coz u’ll be amazed at the results.

1. I am an Aries Taurus cusp. I always wanted to be a true Taurean just because it said ‘this zodiac is ruled by the planet of Venus, beauty’. Off late I’ve finally realized that the Aries characteristics in me are much more than the traits of a Taurean. 

2. I generally like talking with people and enjoy making friends but I easily get annoyed by people also, particularly their behaviour. By behaviour I mean everything , it could be their continuous use of English language(We are Indians, remember), their eating and purposefully escaping the bill on a regular basis, gossiping about someone for a particular thing which even you are guilty of( I hate them), always bragging about themselves ( hello , who are u? ….Mukesh Ambani), false compliments ‘u looking so good, hawwwt’ to a 85 kg woman(they can look good but definitely not hot) ‘my God are u dieting, uve gone down so much’ (I’ve haven’t budged 100 gms).

3. I am shit scared of butterflies or to be more precise any insects which flies. To be all the more precise anything which flies, like birds?

4. I am a beauty and makeup fanatic. I can read the “uses of gram flour in beauty” 10 times in 10 different websites everyday without getting bored. I love to watch the YouTube videos of makeup.
5. I am totally a fan of pink lipsticks. It is never enough for me to get a new shade of pink.

6. I also read a lot about health and fitness and diet. I feel I can easily become a diet instructor (they will see me and go running away ….that’s another part of the story)

7. I am also into a lot of stuffs like home décor. Though I feel I don’t do it so well but yes if I will be given a free hand I can make homes look better.

8. I love baking cakes and I haven’t baked anything more than a simple plum cake or simple butter biscuits.

9. I love to teach especially crafts and DIYs and stuffs like that.

10. I love experimenting new hairstyles on Fiza

11. I like to read and write (this blog…….)

12. I hate selling products….i was doing this for eight years .I don’t know but I simply hate selling now ( never liked it then too) , giving wrong reassurances about the products, disgusting.

13. I hate eating bhindi (ladies finger) . I have specified this coz I enjoy eating every other edible thing on earth but I hate this thing.

14. I can have dosas and omelette three times a day, 30 days a month…..yummmm

15. I hate anything complicated…theorems, functions of electronic gadgets. Yup I am very clumsy in handling any electronic items. I think I have a E.M.F around me which causes all the electronic gadgets to malfunction and finally breakdown as soon as they come into contact with me. 

16. We have a  Digital camera, video camera, an SLR, a home theatre….I don’t know even 50% of the operations of any of this.

17. I cannot play video games especially the car racing ones and hero fighters in which u have to fight against all different evils and shoot them. I can only play puzzle games (like Sudoku, Solitaire) and Mario Luigi (in which I know what is coming next). I have come to a conclusion that I cannot coordinate speed, direction, time at one instant so according to Amir Khan in “Taare Zamin per” makes me 30% dyslexic. Yes to support this theory I cannot even catch objects thrown at me.

18. I tend to develop a favourite boy and girl (among subordinates) wherever I work and I am quite vocal about it so it makes me a partial boss because I support them always and the degree of scolding also lessens tremendously if they have done a mistake.

19. I have a stupid face which cannot hide emotions and feelings. So if I am pissed off my face is also pissed off irrespective of the situation I am in. I am also quite vocal about everything.

20. I get angry if I don’t eat when I am hungry, I cannot control my hunger. I get hungry every two hours. That is a very good sign according to Rujuta Diwekar’s book “Don’t lose your mind, lose your weight” if I have little food every time but I tend to gobble huge portions every 2-3 hours.

21. I have a bad and gross habit of scratching the skin of the nail bed (I don’t know what to call that area, it is the place where your nail begins, I mean the area above the cuticles) which has eventually made by hand and fingers look ugly. I need a lot of concentration to stop it, the moment I feel stress or anger or fear, I start it.

22. I was a dark girl when I was young and I don’t understand how the transformation happened for me into a wheatish one. 

23. I don’t like my routine to be disturbed, I get irritated.

24. I have the shortest of the shortest possible temper. I get angry at the drop of a hat and also forget things in the same way but then it always becomes too late.

25. I like Shahrukh Khan…hell….(This is a major confession, hope Tanki never reads it) yeah but I like him .

26. I love Salman and Akshay . They are the two most handsome heroes of Bollywood.

27. I love M.A.C Cosmetics, how I wish I could purchase their entire store.

28. I don’t know to walk in heels, even a mere one and a half inch freaks me out. 

29. When I was young I used to read a lot about IVF simply out of interest. It used to intrigue me; I never had the faintest idea I will have to undergo this treatment in future. I am a proud mother of IVF twins. Yes, I ve stopped reading anything in medicine nowadays especially if it is a disease.

30. I always wished my husband to be tall fair and very articulate from College days. Allah has taken care of this wish 100% and also many more. I find myself very lucky. Alhamdulillah.

31. I find striking similarities between Fiza and Tanki. I love both of them. Ya ..i can do a separate post on this.

32. I find my mother very broad minded and intelligent and understanding irrespective of the fact that she has done only Senior Secondary. And my father the most patient.

33. I am allergic to cigarettes and ashes of it. I will be unable to eat if I sight cigarette buds anywhere.

34. I am 100 % sea sick person. Any sort of long movement in the flight or ship or car nauseate me severely.

well these are for now, i will keep on adding more.


Almas Kiran Shamim said...

This is sooo beautiful :)

34 for your 34 years??? u remember my posts- 21 reflections??? which changed which each year i gained????

really nice confessions, by the way

1. Aries is way better than Taurus. You shud want to eb an Aries

2. I don't like talking to people unless it's about some really serious, nerve racking stuff :P. and regarding making friends- let's not talk bout it...


31. ditto as above :P

32 :*

i will also write a similar post now :P

Shy said...

Well, the number meant exactly that but now I have so many more to add so I suppose, it will reach 40.... Lol.
You getting inspired from my post.....okay that's a compliment

Steve E said...

Possible that nobody will read this--so I can write whatever I wish--grinning!
First, you, Shaima, are an excellent writer in English, even though you prefer Indians speak and write Indian language.

OKAY, Ma'am...EIGHTEEN major languages are "official, with 1,600 dialects! So if nobody ever leaves home, fine....

Most speak Hindi, is that your language at home, the language of your husband? In comments I read on "sister-witch" fb page, it seems like lots of tongues mixed together. So I stopped trying.

Please know, in reading each of your "Randoms" I wanted to respond to every one...many which would fit me, except the "anger" ones. (I make others angry, but not myself. HA!)

Hey I find your blog interesting and enjoyed reading, Hope you will take it up again, but you a busy person, I know that. Your blog is going on my blog roll sidebar, so that I do not miss it when you write a new one. OK?

Take care, "Sister of Almas".
Blessings of Allag for you and your family. Are Fiza and Faris twins? Fiza a boy, Faris a girl? Sometime answer these please, and is husband named Tanki? Too many questions? LOL!

Steve E said...

Sorry! Blessings of ALLAH!!! :-(

Shy said...

Haha.... No Steve u misunderstood me, I meant Indians who always try to speak in English . May be u are not aware Steve , in India we have English fixation like u have a class only if u r able to converse in English. This meantality I was mentioning here. Fiza and Faris are twins ... fiza is my pretty girl and Faris my very talkative son.
LOL, no my husbands name is Tabraiz. I call ur friend Almas , TANKI. I used to call her by this name since she was a kid...she hates this name ..when she was in school she used to get totally ashamed when I called her 'tanki' in from of her friends... Now she is used to it.