Thursday, March 20, 2014


My blog says "Bringing up Fiza & Faris" but off late I am putting in here everything apart from them. My whole day revolves and rotates around them ( well I dont have an option ) and I get to witness such amusing and interesting talks and actions from them that I really start thanking Allah that my decision to be with them was correct. This post is dedicated to all the small talks or conversations they have. I wish our Internet connection was fast enough so as to upload their small videos too.  Again I will keep it as an ongoing post and will continue to add whatever I find funny and amusing ( Again........whatever (I FOUND FUNNY OR AMUSING)

I was teaching them English Grammar and while explaining the tenses to Fiza , I explained her first the meanings of the word past, present and future ( I always go a little overboard while teaching ). I dont know whether she understood or not but when after all the long stories, I asked her if we call today as "Present tense" then what would be yesterday called ( I waited proudly for the answer) and she said " ABSENT TENSE"

My son did his first naughty search  in our good old Google. He searched for "Potty Pics" . I came to know about this because Fiza told me and second when I opened google in my ipad , the page was opened with "Potty Pics" and the images were like awwwww, it had so many pics of kids sitting in the potty with their bums for the world to see. It was the cutest things I could have seen. But on the dangerous side , he can type any nonsense things so I have to be very careful now.
      "Which is the largest oil producing country in the world?" We all know it , right. Faris also knows it from his GK textbook and he always starts his little research on things which intrigues him. This time he got a bit confused with the term oil and asked me "wahan pe oil se banne wala saara khane ka cheez zyada milega na?" May be he even dreamt of puris and pakodas that day.
           We are planning our holidays and he asked us whether we can go to another planet like Mars and when I told him no, he really became sad and truly wishes one day it will be possible for all of us to go for vacation in different planets. If that is possible I would like to goto Saturn. Thats a beautiful planet.

That day I had tried methi ka parantha for the first time and after giving their exams Faris had three. I was happy and just to make him know that I had put so much pain in making them, I told him that I had kneaded the dough with dal. He replied " Isliye isse itna smell aa raha hai". I was shocked and asked him why he had three when it smelled so bad, to which he replied " bahut bhookh laga tha isliye kha liya nahin to ek bhi nahin khata" . I was stunned. Anyways his favourite nowadays is methi ka parantha and he very weirdly combines it with an egg poach. I am still unable to come in terms with this combination.


Almas Kiran Shamim said...

ha ha ha!!! the first one is like EPIC!!! :D I laughed out loud (asli wala Lol!!) at that.. and i think fiza is the cutu mutu januest baby in the world....

The others... I had heard them earlier.... so I had laughed the first time :P

Shy said...

Wait till u read more.

Shilpa said...

Haha!! Had a good time reading this..keep posting.