Wednesday, April 17, 2013

My days at Govt Polytechnic ( 2000 May - 2004 Aug)

We all love our first job isn't it ... I too did. I had some of my best days at Polytechnic( I m sorry coz now its an Engineering college but somehow I feel sort of more connected when I say ' poly' ). I had passed my Engineering in May 2000 and joined poly the same month towards the end. I ws just 21 ( it sounds so gud 21 :-) ) and I ws given DCE and PDCA. All the students were my age and some infact were older than me. I somehow ws able to build a rapport with all of them ( u know I ws  all masti thn ). I'm even friends with some of them still ( how nice ) . And there I made some of my most cherished friends and yes I did learn a lot ( no I ws not a student, I ws a lecturer on contract basis). My dearest of all ws     Shraboni Mallick, she ws one of my bestest ( is there a word like this, sorry Thesaurus  ) friend. I think I've never laughed with anyone else as I had laughed with her .......Those were the days when we use to find everything funny ( we were unmarried u see) . The main hero of all our episodes ws mostly Mr Ashok . We used to laugh as if there ws no tomorrow , going breathless and like stomach paining like hell, still we used to go on laughing , laughing like mad ( we were both lecturers , funny lecturers) . I can't post any pics coz during those days camera phones were a luxury (so no mobile uploads).Then there ws Mr Sukhvinder Singh , the little serious types but very intelligent , we used to make fun of his small boy ( laddoo) wala punjabi pagdi coz we thought he shud tie a proper big wala ( I hope people understand) . Enter Mr Ramesh , he was a bit studious and very disciplined types but wo bhi bigad Gaya hamare saath reh kar. There were many more Suresh, Raji mam, Alka mam. I really miss those days. And yes I forgot about Mrs Punni who came for a year from defence, she ws to ultimate, u cannot compete with her in anything, be it talking, walking, laughing, daydreaming, gossiping , teaching etc etc etc....phew.Also there were others like Priya, Sunanda, Shabnam. 
The most funny situation comes always when we used to have in-house trainings ( people coming from other places to train us......grrrrr) and me and shrabani used to laugh at small things , i mean really small things. Once while we were sitting in a training , I had just bent down to pick sum thing and I saw Punni's legs were missing . Shrabani did a small bend and saw the same thing.... Allah, where were her legs, they were not to be seen . It ws neither stretched to the left nor to the right. So finally I decided to go in front and see what's the mystery, so somehow I managed to go to the side ( in house training on..... On ) what I saw ws not at all possible for a normal human being like me ( I consider myself the most normalestttt normal )or Shrabani to do. What she did ws folded her both the legs from the knees ( in the same way as we can fold , nothing abnormal in that) and she latched them on the base of the chair . By base I mean the part on which we sit. She had bent them so much that it ws not to be seen while we looked. It had merged with the base.......Allah.....
And there ws Ashok according to whom, Xalxo ( a persons name ) , a peon ws so named coz he worked in XEROX ( photocopy) dept, not because his parents might hav kept it.
There were bad times too, like getting scoldings ( from Mr. Mansoor & Mr Utpal Sharma) and making lesson plans ( what are we goin to teach and when). These lesson plans were a big Pain in the ****.
Some of the students with whom I am friends( not Facebook friends.......add kar lo...lo kar lo bat) still are Anwar, Shekhar,Shakila.
Whatever, but these days were truly the most innocent days and fun days of my life. Thought there were politicos but since we were quite young and new , we were unaffected. They gave me a very big farewell. Unfortunately I don't have a single pic, my cam did not work and I did tell bout the cam phones right. I ws touched and felt really bad when I saw Shrabani crying . She ws so dear to me... Though the intensity of the friendship has diminished but she will remain one of my closest friends and still whenever we pick up each other calls, we start as if I've just returned from Poly in the evening. I luv u Shraboni...... Keep smiling always and God bless. ( By the way she has completed her Phd, and is Dr. Sahiba now and is blessed with a son ).

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JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

it was really nice to read this post. i remember ur poly days. i was in 8th std. you used to return in the evening wen iused to be watching mtv select and recording songs. i also remember lots of stories that u used to tell..... why didnt u mention about espalander? that was tooo good....

of course there is a word like bestest... even bestestest... :P

somehow these kind of posts make me feel so sad.. i never had friends. nor i ever will... i have never laughed breathless with anyone.