Sunday, April 21, 2013


Today ws my birthday.... *trumpets**horns**whistles*. My day started very bad.....coz the very few selected ones who used to wish me at 12:00 ( ya I m still in that teenage fixation.... Pls next year I what to grow up......GROW UPPP) did not wish me at all. I waited but no SMS. Ok my family ws the first one to wish me.... In order.. Tabraiz , TANKI, Abbu, Mummy, bhabi. My friends were quite late ....FB did not show my birthday and I ws DISTRESSED ( strong word to show the intensity ). 
I had cooked biryani today and had invited my parents and my jeths family. It was pretty gud, I liked it, I like anything which has oil and spices. Tabraiz told me it ws gud. Well , I has a happy...( what ws this??? Ref : TANKI) . Tabraiz again got me a watch, easy to pick from a branded shop ( will do a post separately for my two costliest watches in my wardrobe ). We had fun . I showed my mother all the pics of Sadia and Dolly Aapa. She ws thrilled but she ws confused as why have I kept so many photos of Sadia with me ( I showed her photos from Sadia's FB account). I did not go to explain her much....anyway she will not understand... I had choc ice cream ws such bliss and such heaven...aaahhhh. Ayaan got his first FB account and guess what I am his first friend to confirm so now his profile shows friends : 1, Shaima Shamim....YAAAYYYYYYY. 
Went to dinner with the little devils and Ayaan. Had fun, ate n ate n ate n ate. 
I got so many wishes from my friends in FB uhmmm. I has a happy... Bada wala happy. My day ended gud... I lost and I found, when Allah takes away from u something, he sees to it that he compensates for that loss. Today I got compensated...... Allah is Great. 


JaLpArI - tHe MeRmAiD said...

:) am sorry for not calling up at night. i had a big sleepy..... after the presentation and all, it was like a big load had lifted off my hsoulders and that i could finally sleep. anyway, am so happy for you... good that you enjoyed so much...
and hey.. you got another watch??? wow!!! that's fantastic!!! do post about it!!!

ROFLOL at mummy!!!! :D

Shy said...

I will tell mummy about ROFLOL